"The food you eat can be the slowest form of poison"



If you are experiencing IBS, bloating, constipation, skin rashes, tiredness or re-flux you may have a food allergy or intolerance.

You could spend weeks, months or years guessing the cause and still not get it right. At the Northampton Allergy Clinic we give you a straightforward, understandable report and a results consultation with your personalised elimination and re-introduction plan - all included in the price. 

Tests can be done in-house or by post giving you complete flexibility, the results consultation can be face to face or over the internet as required.

Blow Dry



Foods & Food Additives
Animal fur, Feathers

House Dust Mites

Tree, Grass & Flower Pollen

Moulds & Yeasts

Environmental & Household Chemicals

Cosmetics & Toiletry

Vitamin / Mineral insufficiency



Perfect for children, includes: 

 basic food groups



food additives

dairy - including lactose testing


Discounts for families or groups

Prices for groups and families

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What do our customers think?

What I thought was stress IBS turned out to be food intolerances. By following the elimination and re-introduction advice I've almost completely eliminated my IBS symptoms. 

What's affected me for years has been solved in a matter of weeks.

- AJ, Northampton

My daughter's rashes have gone completely. Once we'd found out what was causing it and learnt how to read a food label properly - it's not all on the label as you'd expect - we've seen vast improvements. 

No more itching, soreness and bleeding. One happy child, two happy parents.

MF, Milton Keynes

I thought looking pregnant was how it was going to be, bloated for no apparent reason and burping or gassy all the time. Sometimes opening a window was just not good enough!

I had a lot to sort out, my test came through with so many foods I had a problem with but the consultation afterwards took me though everything step by step.It wasn't easy, I had to be strict to start with but now I'm less gassy and my husband isn't complaining any more!

FB, Northampton

This was recommended by a friend who was visiting. I'd had tests before but nothing as comprehensive as this. I was surprised at how simple everything was to understand and having the consultation by Skype wasn't a problem.

I'd recommend this to others.

CW, Dayton, Ohio.